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Monday, July 21, 2008

I MOVED! ^_^

It's been a while since I've visited this blog and updated it. Well the reason may be because I moved to another blog and I completely abandoned this blog. How bad of me yes... but it's really hard to maintain 3 blogs so I decided to abandon this one and just keep two blogs.

So if you want to read about nursing stuff and health related topics please visit my new blog:

And if you want to hear my rants and everyday happenings you can visit my first and old blog:

Well there you go. Thank you for visiting my blogs people. ^_^

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Making A Difference with Boats

How amazing it would be if you could change I child's life with your old, beat-down boat. Yes, with your boat donations you could help a child stay away from prohibited drugs through promotional campaigns like animations and anti-drug documentaries. Or if you prefer that the proceeds go to another charity of your choice, that could also be arranged.

So if the thought in your mind is, "How do I donate my boat to charity?", simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Either call Boat Angel at 1-800-227-2643 or fill out an online form at
  2. They will send you out a receipt via email and package in the mail with a form and a disposable camera so that they can get pictures of the boat
  3. They get the package back from you and list it at Your boat will be picked up in 6-8 business days. If it doesn’t sell, then they will pay to have it stored!
Donate boats now and be able to make a change to the lives of thousands of children! Be a BOAT ANGEL!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008


You know what? It was really quite an amazing experience when I was able to encounter a patient with psoriasis. It's amazing because it's my first time to see a patient with that disorder and this kind of disorder is very rare and doesn't really occur with Filipinos.

Anyway, psoriasis is a "chronic, non-contagious disease characterized by inflamed lesions covered with silvery-white scabs of dead skin (" just like the picture above.

At first I didn't really think that the disorder was contagious or something like that. I was reluctant to touch the patient and aid him in going down and up his bed because he had scaly white skin and lesions all over his body and he was obese, so he was very heavy to carry. But one of my colleague really had somatic effects. What I mean by somatic effects is that he had bodily manifestations of a psychological induced disorder or disease. He was thinking that psoriasis is highly contagious so he suddenly had pruritis or itchiness on his arms and they really formed bumps. This only proves how powerful the mind really is that it can even trick itself into manifesting false sugns and symptoms of a disease that the person never had in the first place.

Actually, I also felt very sorry for the patient because I could really see my self in his position. I know how painful it is to be shoved away because they are disgusted with you and you are considered an outcast because you are considered contagious and all. This is why we should really educate ourselves with these kinds of things and that we should always be sympathetic because it is not their wish to have such conditions.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Full Patient Confidentiality

We all have secrets and secrets were meant to be hidden so that no one else would find out. we want to hide our secrets because of our great fear that people will judge us and will make fun of us for something that we have done or have that we are ashamed of.

It is this attitude that makes health problems worst. Some patients will refuse medical treatment because they fear that their doctors will betray them and their privacy will be trespassed upon. That is why it is good that there is that is one, if not the first, to offer an online telemedicine. Here patients can fully disclose their signs and symptoms as they really are without their privacy and confidentiality be invaded.

One would also be free of judgemental eyes if one orders Valtrex online because there wouldn't be any nosy pharmacist who would give you that look when you buy that Valtrex medicine. For those who don't know what medicine this is, this med is used to treat people with Genital Herpes.

If you are uncomfortable to see a doctor you may have a consult with a doctor online and the doctor could give you a Valtrex prescription.

Technology is therefore making health care more accessible to everyone and this is really great.

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Nursing Doubts

I really hate it when I'm not doing anything and I just sit and do nothing because it's the perfect opportunity to re-examine one's life and I don't want to re-examine mine. But since I had no choice and had nothing better to do I looked at myself and where I am going to go now.

I know that I want to be a nurse but there is something within me that says that I could be anything I want since I'm starting all over again. But I have already begun nursing and it's a waste if I'm just going to let go of my nursing career when I already have started building knowledge, skills, and experience in nursing.

Maybe this is just a phase I'm going through because I don't have any nursing stuff to do. But when I start my studies again I'm sure that my nursing spirit will kick in! ^_^

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Breast Augmentation

We can't deny this because the truth is, someone's appearance is important. We all are guilty of favoring or liking someone who looks better than someone who is ordinary looking. Even in job interviews, those who look smart are given more importance. The personality and intelligence comes second when we get to know the person more.

Even in relationships, we all want someone who has great personality but when we are given a choice who to get to know, Ms. Beautiful or Ms. Ugly, we would choose the beautiful first (this goes to women too). So how do we let people know us and appreciate us when they don't even notice us?

They say that beauty is based on culture. And our culture states that beauty is defined by a slender sexy waist & full rounded breasts. We see the women on TV right? They are the ones that our culture says are beautiful. And we all know that they wouldn't have achieved that beauty without the help of science & modern technology: plastic surgery.

Yup the Hollywood stars and famous models have all been under the knife and they look more beautiful than they were. So where do you go for a complete make-over? No other than Beverly Hills!

If you have a problematic waist line and are afraid of going to the beach then a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills the quick solution to your problems. And if you want a rounder and larger breasts then Beverly Hills breast augmentation is the way to do it.

Some people would say that natural beauty is better but women today are empowered to make their own decisions. Women have the right to do something so that they would feel better about themselves by looking better. Science empowers women to take control of their lives and change their appearances for the better with plastic surgery.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Women Hunt

After rummaging the net (and after being pressured by Juliana hehehe) here are my pics for "The Women Hunt"!

Image is a Property of ~raephius

I guess that anyone who has a genuine smile is sexy.

For me I find Katherine Heigl (more known as Dr. Isobel Stevens of Grey's Anatomy) as the woman with the most sexiest body.

I told myself that I won't choose famous celebrities for this but what can I do. The more I search for sexy eyes the more I see of Angeline Jolie and I think she pretty much fits the description don't you. She has very seductive eyes.

Oh well there you have it my picks for The Women Hunt. ^_^

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meet Tree Man

Meet Dede Koswara, a 35-year old Indonesian, more commonly known as "Tree Man". And if you have seen the video then you would have an idea of what why he's called as Tree Man. And in case you were wondering he is not half man and half tree. He is 100% man. The tree like growths on his digits and face are not plant in origin. They are actually over growth of warts caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the same virus that is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that causes genital warts. Unfortunately for Dede's case, he has an abnormal genetic make-up that causes his immune system to be as weak as a person with AIDS that is why the HPV is successful in literally taking over his body.

Dede was left by his wife because of his appearance and his two children (an 18 year old boy and 16 year old girl) had to live with his other relatives because he was not able to take care of them anymore because he is incapable of working (since he can't grasp things with his root-like hands) and is forced to live in poverty. He is able to survive by some provisions given to him by his extended family and from being the center of attraction at their village's local "freak show".

Good enough for him an American Dermatologist promised to help him return to his normal life by performing several surgeries to prevent the warts from totally debilitating him and taking his life as these warts could become cancerous.

And here is a picture of him after his first surgery:

Not much change is seen but at least his hands and feet are already starting to look like hands. From being the local village freak-show I do hope that he could achieve his dream of getting a job and returning to a normal life and maybe even find love. Well, Dede, I wish you all the luck!

I really honor the courage that he has. If I was faced with the same affliction I might not have survived at all. I know that many people are disgusted at his sight and are making fun of him but once you place yourself in his position, you would be able to have some empathy for him and you would realize what a strong person he is.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Operation Tuli

I was quite shocked at first when my very conservative friend who happens to be a girl sent me an SMS yesterday saying that she was able to touch 30 or more penises in the span of 4 hours. And she was quite proud of herself and happy with the whole experience. At first I was quite scandalized by what she said and all sort of naughty thoughts came running into my head.

It was a good thing though that she clarified what she told me and said that she just had the most wonderful experience in "Operation Tuli". Operation Tuli is an annual project of the Department of Health - Philippines to have young boys circumcised (Tuli in Tagalog) in their own towns and municipality. I'm kind of jealous because I too want to experience an Operation Tuli which I doubt would exist in Canada. In Operation Tuli, several young boys wait in line for their free circumcision.

Circumcision has been a ritual for many religions and culture. Circumcision paves the way into adulthood and manhood while it is also a ritual in the Judeo-Christian Tradition to strengthen the covenant with God. Medically speaking, circumcision (the removal of the foreskin of the penis) is for hygienic purposes as dirt and secretions tends to accumulate in the foreskin and will result to urinary tract infections (UTI).

In other countries though male circumcision is done 2-3 weeks after birth. And if you're wondering there is also a female circumcision which I will post about later since it deserves to be discussed further.

For more information on circumcision I recommend this very informative site,

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Cebu Operating Room Scandal

Disclaimer: This video is not the property of this blog's owner and the video is hosted externally.

Before anyone reacts I wanted to share this video for the sake of discussion and as a reference. If you are not open minded and is not willing to accept the thoughts and opinions of other people then please do not continue to read this post if you will only flame me in the end. If you want to know my opinion on this matter please read on.

To those who have no idea what this video is about this is a video taken from a camera of a student nurse at an operating room at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) at Cebu City, Philippines.

This video (that was spread on the internet like wild fire on Youtube, emails, and even cellphones) was of a 30 year old homosexual who had an Avon's Black Suede For Men Body Spray (thus the name Black Suede Scandal) allegedly inserted into his rectum when he had sex with a stranger.

What made the video so scandalous and caused such a sensation is when the doctors, nurses, and other operating room staff laughed and jeered at the patient's condition as seen in the video.

But here are are some of my reaction upon some comments of people online regarding the said topic:
  • On Medical Malpractice - As defined by Larry Curtis Law Firm is a form of negligence where an injury results from a medical professional’s or medical facility’s failure to exercise adequate care, skill or diligence in performing a duty. We should actually congratulate the doctors for a successful operation. No invasive procedures were done on such an extraordinary case. The operation was a success and there are no complications.
  • On Breach of Sterility - The people seen in the video were curious staff from other operating rooms within the operating room complex therefore they are considered sterile. They did not come from outside the operating room. And the people with no gloves were at least 12 inches away from the operating table so as stated by the sterile technique the operation is still considered sterile. Besides the people with out gloves did not perform the operation.
  • On Cameras in the Operating Room - Actually in my case, cameras are allowed inside the operating room and we student nurses are indeed allowed to take pictures for the sake of documentation which would be used for future case studies.
  • On Breach of Patient Confidentiality - When I reviewed the video footage the patient's identity was not at all exposed. The patient's face was not seen and no distinguishing body marks such as tattoos and birth marks were not captured on film. We wouldn't even know the sex and age of the patient if he hadn't exposed himself to media saying that he was a Florist, he was 30 year old, and he even divulged how that can arrived at his rectum. And yes his consent was asked and he did agree to have the operation filmed because as I reiterate this is a very unusual operation. So the video taking had the patient's consent.
  • On the Revocation of the Doctor's Licenses - I think that the people are overly reacting just like the way Filipinos over-reacted to Teri Hatcher's "some doctor from the Philippines" comment. It's not like the doctors killed someone or anything, I agree that sanctions may be imposed on their behavior but revoking their titles for laughing and cheering is way too harsh.
  • On the Operating Room Staff's Cheering & Laughing - To be fair to the patient, I would also be furious if I were in his position if I knew that a video of me was circulating on the internet but then I would realize that no one would know that it was me. It's also normal for people to be curious and have fun and joke around. In fairness the doctors and nurses were laughing at the situation not at the patient, that is a totally different context. It would be a normal reaction of a normal person to an extraordinary situation. No person was hurt, just a pride that was bruised. But now that we mention it isn't it the patient's fault that he was in this predicament because he had a one night stand with a complete stranger. He was lucky that he wasn't killed by his promiscuity. But that is a totally different issue and that is not my problem. The issue that I am concerned of is the outcome of the health care professionals who are being crucified for an issue that is overly exaggerated.
This issue had circulated and has been talked well enough and I think that this should already be wrapped up and more important issues were tackled like the improvement of the health care system in the Philippines and the improvement of nurse's wages and patient to nurse ratios.

I know that this post would gather a lot of negative reactions but let me again reiterate the blog's disclosure policy: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own, as this is a personal blog.

Sun Star - Doctors may lose licenses over surgery scandal
Inquirer - Video scandal grips Cebu hospital
Inquirer - Black Suede scandal

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(just click on the images to enlarge)

I just want to share these comic strips about student nurses from They may be insanely funny but they somehow hold some truth. That what makes's comic strips very interesting.

As a student nurse I also had and will continue to have many bloopers and interesting experiences and I would really love to share all of them.

So to all of you student nurses never stop dreaming and believing in our selves. Someday we will be registered nurses, I just know it. And if ever we had made some stupid mistakes along the way let's just charge it to experience and try not to make the same mistakes twice. Remember, you never learn unless you make a mistake.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Swimming Safety

Ok this post may not be related to nursing or health (well somehow it is) but it is related to life and death...

Accidents do happen and cases of drowning are the worst accident that could happen. You and your friends are having fun at the beach or in the pool when all of a sudden friend disappears and you find his/her dead body minutes later.

We all have had a near-drowning experience and it is very frightening. We all had tried swimming in deep waters and then our muscles give up or worst we get a cramp. So to prevent incidents of drowning here are some swimming tips:
  1. Always have a buddy system to always check if your partner is doing well and isn't drowning.
  2. Do not swim in deep waters if you do not know how to swim. Use flotation devices if you insist on swimming.
  3. Never swim in a pool without a life guard.
  4. Learn how to float! Floating is a vital skill every swimmer should have because if one has cramps or any muscle weakness one could just float and rest.
I'm no expert at swimming but these are just some tips based on experience that I could share. The floating part saved me from drowning countless of times.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Being an Ultrasound Technician

I have worked with some nursing aides who were older than me and have asked them why they haven't decided to upgrade or go back to school so that they'll get a better paying job. They then told me that they wanted to take nursing but it took too long (around 4 years) to finish and it's hard to go to school when they have families to support. I guess they did make a point but I guess they could still have found a diploma that would take less than 4 years but still would reward them with a better pay.

I have been browsing the net and I found the site and it had a complete list of medical careers like for example being an ultrasound technician. Ultrasound is a routine diagnostic procedure in the hospital so an ultrasound tech will have a lot of job in his hands. But an ultrasound tech's job description is very interesting. He will be able to make a scan of a woman's ovaries & uterus, her baby, to the organs in the abdomen, up to the brain.

What's even more attractive in an ultrasound tech career track is that you may only have to study for 2 years (there's also a 4 year course)! And your pay is very good too! How does a median income of $48,660 per year sound? You have a very nice paying career and a very interesting job too!

So why not check out more information about being an ultrasound tech or better yet find ultrasound schools near you and start your medical career now!

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Nurse No-Duty

Oh boy! Good thing that I don't have to go to class this summer. I went to Xavier University to get my recommendation letter (which my CI did not give to me yet huhuhu, but it's ok ^_^) and I met some of my classmates and friends. They were just from duty and boy did they look so haggard and stress looking.

Imagine 4 days straight of duty and on two days of those days you have to sleep late into the night to finish requirements for the next day. So you get to sleep at around 1:00 am and you have to wake up at 5:30 am. I know because back when I was on duty I also experienced that.

Oh well, but it beats staying at home and being intellectually stagnant and bored.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Treat Your Acne Now!

Ever since I was in high school I seriously had some bad acne problems. I think I don't need to explain what acne is because I think everyone has had their own share of experience of having awful acne breakdowns! Yup having pimples or zits all over your face is quite depressing and you get to have a bad body image and you just want to have your face covered with a paper bag literally.

Without proper acne treatment and blemish treatment then one would not only suffer from acne scars and bad skin but tremendous emotional scars and severe low esteem problems as well.

Several teens and adults are afflicted with recurrent acne problems and they are in serious need of acne treatment. There are a lot of acne treatment products and websites on the internet but I only found one that is very comprehensive and very easy to understand. I highly recommend as it gives you reviews on the top acne products most effective acne products as well as a thorough information about all the things you need to know about acne: what it is, how it is caused, and how it is treated. They also give out a thorough and unbiased review about existing acne treatment in the market. Their reviews are also based upon their visitors who have actually tried the effectiveness of these top acne products. Remember that you must be really careful when choosing an acne treatment for you as these are chemicals that may do more harm than good so getting the opinion of actual users is crucial.

Having a clear and smooth skin is not only for beauty reasons but for emotional reasons as well. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and at ease every time they are seen in public. That is why acne treatment is a need and not merely a want. And if you want your skin to be really perfect then you should try having a blemish treatment too.

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A Man Becomes Pregnant

Before you think that this is just some hoax well you better believe it. This story was shown on Oprah and the story spread on the web and the world like wild fire! Mr. Thomas beatie, 34 years old, a resident of Oregon announced on Oprah his story that he was 6 months pregnant. As proof he even had an ultrasound and hold and behold a health baby girl! But how could a man be biologically be capable of bearing a child? Simple! Thomas was actually a she and not a he. Confused? Well let me enlighten you a bit. Thomas, was born and lived for 24 years as a girl called Tracey. Tracey's mother committed suicide at the age of 12 and only had her 2 brothers and father has role models. Tracey had known by then when she hit puberty that she was a man trapped in a girl's body. Although she won the title of Miss Hawaii Teen USA and had a boyfriend by the age of 17 she knew that she was a transgender and decided to have a sex transplant and hormone replacement when she was with her partner Nancy, who was fully supportive of her. And now she became a he because his breasts were removed (mastectomy) and he grew a beard and his body became more muscular because of testosterone therapy. He still has his female organs retained but he claims that his clitoris looks like a small penis now due to hormone replacement and that he can have intercourse with his wife (yup he is legally male and married).

So why would he want to get pregnant when he wants to be a male? It's because of two reasons. First, he says that, "It's not a male or female desire to have a child. It's a human desire." Second, Nancy can't bear a child because she had to have her uterus removed because of endometriosis.

So Thomas had artificial insemination done. He actually had triplets at the first attempt but had to have the pregnancy aborted because he had an ectopic pregnancy (the fetuses implanted themselves in his falopian tube). The second attempt is his present pregnancy which by the way is normal and would be normal through NSVD or Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery.

The first impact of this story to people would be "Wow! Unbelievable!" The second thing that would rush to some closed-minded people is "What kind of freaks are these!" Society may have great difficulty accepting such situations which society brands as abnormal but time will come when the society will accept these occurrences.

The relationship of Thomas and Nancy is a testimony that nothing can ever be a barrier to true love may it be race, age, economic standing, and in this case gender. Thomas and Nancy are just two happily married couples where the husband is having the baby. Let's just all wish them good luck!

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Bumrungrad International

If you're thinking that these are pictures of a famous 5-Star hotel located in a famous tourist destination then you are partly correct.

Bumrungrad (Thai meaning "care for the people") International
is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. It's the largest private hospital in Asia and well known for it's medical tourism. Millions of patients come every year to have their medical procedures because health care is cheaper in Thailand and the hospital is fully staffed (700+ nurses and 945 doctors, covering 55 sub-specialties) and has all the latest medical equipment and facilities. Red Cross gives Bumrungrad its top classification of "A" – defined as "a tertiary care center which should be able to provide quality care in all medical specialties including invasive cardiology, cardiac and neurosurgery."

And speaking of specialized doctors, Bumrungrad even has a golf doctor. Yes they have a golf course and an in-house ortophedic doctor/surgeon that not only cures golf-related injuries but help you improve your game! How cool is that.

And yes, Bumrungrad is a tourist destination/hospital that offers a shopping center, restaurants, and fully furnished private rooms. The room amenities include private bathrooms, cable TV, refrigerator, DVD players (available on request) and high-speed Internet connections. Suites also come with full kitchens as well as washing machines and dryers (available at one bedroom apartment up). The shared facilities include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room. And did I mention maid-service?

But before you pack your bags to have a cheap cosmetic surgery and recuperate in a 5-star hotel suite you better think twice. Because Bumrungrad has some secrets behind it. Just like the death of 23 year old Josh Goldberg who died because of malpractice but Bumrungrad is protected from medical suits since it is a huge money earning company that brings a lot of income to the Thai government so it's natural to protect this gold mine from being exposed.

Bumrungrad has also been speculated to harvest organs from live patients that is why it's quite easy to get organ "donors" from Bumrungrad. But all of these are not proven because they are all perfectly covered up as said by

But aside from these controversies Bumrungrad International is still such a wonderful place (for the filthy rich anyway). So if you plan on staying at Bumrungrad or any hospital for that matter please take note of these reminders/tips:
  • Always have a watcher with you at all times. You don't want to be a victim of organ theft or dying due to malpractice.
  • Always ask for explanations for all procedures and treatment, especially medications. Doctors might be blinded by greed and over treat a patient to get more pay from insurance.
  • Take note of all expenses and know the "hidden charges" are carefully tagged as miscellaneous fees and don't hesitate to ask what these fees are for even before checking in to any hospital.
  • Check the accreditation of the doctors and staff.
  • Refer to friends and relatives for feedback on their hospital stays so that you will be aware of what to expect.
Let us remember that health care is now a business (sadly). So let us not be victims of large greedy health corporations and let us protect our rights by always being informed.

Bumrungrad International
Bumrungrad Death

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Being a Pharmacy Technician

I'm still young and I still have many opportunities waiting for me. I still don't have a clear picture of who I will be in the future but I am definite that I will be in the health care industry someday. Upon checking out many health-related careers I had my eye on being a pharmacy technician.

So what are the job responsibilities of a pharmacy tech? Quite simple really, pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists. In the hospital setting, after the patient's meds are checked by the licensed pharmacist, the pharmacy tech delivers it to the patient. While in the pharmacy, technicians prepare the prescription after checking its accuracy, which could include counting pills, or weighing, measuring, or mixing the medication. There's no need to worry about making mistakes here because the pharmacist will always double check your prepared medications before it is dispensed.

Being a pharmacy tech requires no formal education too! One could just have an on the job training how cool is that? All you need in being a pharmacy tech is being a hard worker, organized, and alert. You must also be careful with your drug preparations as wrong dosages could seriously harm a patient.

So the most important part, the pharmacy technician salary. In 2002, the median hourly pharmacy tech salaries were $10.70. But wages actually vary and other factors that affect wages include the job environment, certification, union membership, and shift.

So being a pharmacy technician is not bad! In fact it's a very interesting career choice! So if you want more information about how to be a pharmacy technician and where you might want to study why don't you visit this very informative site:

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Harsh CI Love

As a student nurse I have encountered so many kinds of clinical instructors (CI's). There are CI's who are very friendly, there are CI's who you admire so much for their intelligence and skills, but the CI's that you might want to get away from are the "terror" CI's with matching tiger-looks hahaha!

Who are these "terror" CI's? They are the ones who will not hesitate to shout at you in public, fail you, and even throw heavy steel patient charts (you must evade to avoid serious injury hehehe). But I understand why CI's may sometimes be strict and uptight. This is because their hard-earned professional license is on the line. So if ever students become lax in the hospital student nurses might do more harm than care to patients. and who would suffer the consequences? Not the students but the CI's because what will you take away from student nurses they don't even have any license yet. So if you hate your CI go kill a patient, joke. ^_^

But if CI's are not strict with their students the clear line that marks authority is broken and student nurses won't show respect and won't follow the instructions of CI's. Plus if our CI's don't care about us then they would just leave us making a lot of mistakes. If CI's don't inform us of our mistakes then we would never learn.

But at the end of the duty or class CI's are more friendly because they don't have to be the authority after class hours, they are now our friends. I'm really going to miss my clinical instructors especially Ma'am Asne who has always been a mother figure to us. She has always been so generous with us in terms of time and food (hehehe). I will try to be like my clinical instructors and I will make them proud me, their student nurse who gave them trouble once in a while...

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Shopping Cart Anyone?

You have heard that I was having a Nursing Garage Sale right? I only wish that I have heard of Ashop Commerce's shopping cart software sooner so that I could have easily sold my items online! Anyway selling stuff online is one way to earn a lot of money as you have a much wider customer range that is why an ecommerce software is needed in online businesses.

I say ecommerce because Ashop does not only provide a shopping cart but also sales analysis, web optimization, inventory, and shipping and tax. Plus Ashop offers free store designs! It's like having a software that is the master control of your whole business operation! How cool is that?

And did I mention that this software requires no installation at all? Yup Ashop Commerce's ecommerce software is a web-based program so even if your not a computer geek you can easily use this software with ease and immediately. And about being a computer geek Ashop has a live technical support so you can get help easily.

Interested? Why don't you try Ashop Commerce' right now for 10 days without any use of a credit card!

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My Nurse's Notes: